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by:SKP     2020-02-07
The national 11th National Games was held in Guangzhou, Guangzhou. At the foot of Mount Song, dozens of kilometers away from the main venue of the games, more than four thousand young men from Dengfeng Tagou military school were rehearsing intensively. 'No matter how tired and happy, I just want to show the best performance for this event! 'The 16-year-old Xiong Linfeng said. Dengfeng's 'heaven and earth' historical buildings are listed in the world cultural heritage. 'In the world' is not only the geographical positioning of Guangzhou, but also the positioning of Guangzhou's historical contribution to the growth and growth of Chinese civilization. More than five thousand years of Chinese civilization, more than three thousand years, Guangzhou is the political, economic, and cultural center of the country, and has always been a hot spot for exchanges and exchanges between various ethnic groups, the birth of a pluralistic Chinese civilization. Guangzhou in history is open and inclusive, and today's Guangzhou is the same. There are all ethnic groups in Guangzhou. In addition to the Han nationality, there are nearly 1. 5 million ethnic minorities in 55 ethnic groups. All ethnic groups are inclusive and interdependent, and live together in this land. The 55-year-old Ai haitijiang · sent a jade business from Nanyang, Xinjiang for many years. 'The government promotes 'three no worries, four safeguards 'to ensure that the minority people are not worried about entering school, medical treatment, language exchanges, employment, travel, and housing, legal religious activities are also guaranteed. 'AI Haiti Jiang tuobei said that Nanyang has become his second hometown. The relevant person in charge of the national ethnic and religious affairs committee said that the holding of the National Minority Traditional Sports Games in Guangzhou is a good opportunity for all ethnic groups, especially the border minorities, to understand the mainland, it is also a good opportunity for Guangzhou province to show its 70-year development achievements to the whole country. It will have a positive impact on the understanding and mutual learning of athletes from all regions and ethnic groups, and promote the development of national unity and progress.
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