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by:SKP     2020-01-26
The traditional custom of the new year is to greet each other and express good wishes. On the morning of lunar January 1, after the younger generation gets up, they must first pay tribute to the elders. After the elders are worshipped, they must distribute the 'new year money' prepared in advance to the younger generation. At 90 o'clock in the morning, the adult man went out to pay tribute to the new year, first to the old man in the neighborhood. If there are many relatives and friends, you can arrange the date of New Year's greetings according to the distance between relatives and relatives. However, you should pay a new year's call before lunar January 15. If you don't have the 'lunar January Festival', you can't count it as late. When they go out to meet acquaintances, they all smile and celebrate the New Year. They say 'Congratulations on making a fortune', 'Four Seasons', 'Happy New Year' and other auspicious words. Lunar January 1, many families eat dumplings with vegetarian stuffing. According to Tianjin's 'old example', New Year's Eve dumplings are different from the first dumplings: one meat and one vegetable. On New Year's Eve, eat dumplings, and add eggs, shrimps or sea cucumbers, crab roe, and leeks to the meat, symbolizing a rich reunion. After the meal, you will have to pack another stuffed dumpling, and stay until the first day of the new year, symbolizing the new year's life. Sometimes, a mascot such as nuts and fruit candy is specially added to the dumplings, which indicates that whoever eats the dumplings will have good luck in the new year. 1. A married daughter cannot go back to her mother's family. If the married daughter goes back to her mother's family on the first day of the new year, it means that she will eat her mother's family poor, so she can only go back to her mother's family on the second or third day of the new year, however, the implication is that the married daughter is already the daughter-in-law of someone else's family. There must be many people in the New Year's family to pay New Year's greetings. The daughter-in-law has to help serve the tea, so she can't go back to her family on the first day. 2. Porridge, meat and medicine are forbidden for breakfast. In the past, the traditional poor families only ate porridge, so they must eat dry rice on the morning of the first day of the year, which means that the family will be very rich all year round, the morning of the first day of the year is called the grand meeting of all gods, which means that all gods come out to pay New Year's greetings. Therefore, in order to show respect, first of all, don't eat meat, eat vegetarian food, and have to eat except for serious illness, general tonic tonic is best not to eat on the first day of the month. 3. Avoid call others name encouraging people to get up the Lunar New Year's day of morning don't have name encouraging people to get up said each other all annual all need urged do things. 4. Avoid paying New Year's greetings to people who are still sleeping at the beginning of the year when the other person is still asleep. Don't pay New Year's greetings to the other person until the other person gets up, because this will keep the other person in the hospital for the whole year. 5. Avoid taking medicine and say that 'the first day of taking medicine for a whole year, and what disease can not be cured, 'so the patient who is heavy is not taking medicine. 6. Taboo knife and scissors said that 'the first knife and scissors, the tongue is inevitable '. 7. Avoid moving the needle money and say that 'the first time I moved the needle money, I picked the Dragon tendon (The child born, the eyes are as small as the eye of the needle)Needle Eye '. 8. Avoid the axe and say that it is 'the first axe to open the firewood (Financial), Split and never come back '. 9. Avoid borrowing money to say that 'I borrowed money from others on the first day, relying on foreign aid all year round; On the first day of lending money to others, property outflows for the whole year '. 10. Avoid furniture (Fragile items such as plates, bowls, wine sets, etc)It is considered that breaking furniture is unlucky all year round. However, in today's society, it doesn't matter if children accidentally break the furniture, as long as the adults quickly say: 'years old (Broken)Come () Well, it's good to be old, and it's safe to be old, and it's good to be fierce. 11. During the day, you can't take a nap during the Chinese New Year. It means that you will be lazy during the whole year. The meaning is that many guests come home to pay New Year's greetings during the Chinese New Year. If you take a nap, you are very rude. 12. Avoid dumping sewage, garbage, and sweeping the floor. Do not engage in sweeping work during the Chinese New Year, because it is easy to sweep away the wealth of the home. 13. Don't let others take things from their pockets during the Chinese New Year, so that the money will be taken away by others throughout the year. 14. Avoid collecting debts from people. During the Chinese New Year, whether it is a debt or a debt, it will be very bad for a whole year. Therefore, it is taboo to collect debts from people. 15. Avoid the laundry water has a water god, the water god's birthday is on the first day of the first day, so do not wash clothes these two days. Related links: inflatable battery car cover children's inflatable battery car robot pedal inflatable trampoline slide
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