According to what is the structure of the pirate ship -? Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-20
The movement of the pirate ship amusement equipment is in a swing state, and the swing angle is 40 ~ Between 60 degrees, the speed is 4/min, and the transmission system is friction transmission. There is friction Track 9 at the lower part of Hull 3, friction wheel 5 is firmly pressed on track 9, and the forward and reverse rotation of friction wheel is used to realize the movement of Hull 3. When checking the operation of the pirate ship's amusement equipment, the friction will no longer rotate, and the friction between it and the track will play a braking role. There are two kinds of driving force of friction wheel: power and hydraulic pressure. If the adjustment is good, both situations are ideal. 'Pirate Ship' The name, from the entrance to the amusement machine, because there is one on board'Pirates' Shape, so its name is called'Pirate Ship'. Some of the domestic products have been removed from the faucet of the bow'Pirates', Named'Dragon boat'. Safe disassembly and establishment of amusement equipment on pirate ships: fixed safety bars. The swing limit of the ship is decomposed. Suspend the disassembly insurance. Suspension shaft insurance preparation. Hydraulic system overpressure safety disassembly. For more information, please pay attention to our wechat public number.
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