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by:SKP     2020-02-12
Guangzhou Haibei Amusement Equipment Co. , Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in producing amusement equipment products. The company is responsible for professionals from site design to sample ordering, from purchase to installation, from playground management to after-sales service, the company has successfully developed a series of novel and beautiful large, medium and small amusement equipment products, it is suitable for residential quarters, playgrounds, shopping malls, restaurants, communities, parks, kindergartens and various indoor and outdoor venues. The products sell well in various cities in China. Children's amusement equipment, the most popular investment project at present, has low cost, high income, fast cost recovery and no arrears. On-site checkout. The time is random and the venue is random. Children's small square ATV is a mechanical toy made by imitating a regular square ATV for children to play. It is suitable for upgrading the configuration of parks, kindergartens and commercial Haibei ATVs. It adopts anti-skid tires, easy climbing, strong shock absorption, deceleration motor, LED dazzle lights and strong power. 1. Metal hub: thickened vacuum tire, wear-resistant, dungeon-catching, friction-resistant, and strong handling. 2. Lengthened hydraulic shock absorption: bold shock absorption design to improve ride comfort and comfort. 3. Anti-collision guardrail: to prevent accidents, can effectively ensure that the car is not damaged. 4. Radar lights cool colorful LED lights: cool lights, multiple bulbs, strong lighting, plastic lampshade protection, bulbs are safer, the front car is equipped with 4 headlights, 3D stereo surround subwoofer can move forward and backward, the handle comes with medium-high speed and low speed, manual braking, and stepless speed change knob, which can be adjusted at will. Precautions for manual operation of remote control 1. The small square ATV must be operated by special personnel. 2. When the operator is running on the small square Beach car, the four-wheel Beach car running fast on the square cannot leave the console without authorization, and should pay attention to the operation of the small square Beach car at any time.
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