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by:SKP     2020-02-13
Each child's character and psychological characteristics are different, because the child's personality, character, behavior habits, etc. are initially developed in the family. Therefore, in each family, parents have different educational contents and methods for their children, and even their own words and deeds, values, personality characteristics and educational level in the family, on the basis of the original congenital differences, the differentiation of children is further expanded. So, what are the factors that affect the development of children's personality in the family? First, parents' behavior, parents' own behavior is the most influential factor, so parents should use their own social characteristics to influence children imperceptibly through various methods. So that the child's personality and character can be developed healthily. Second, parents' attitudes towards children many psychologists understand the educational dimensions of parents who affect children through family interviews, direct observation, questionnaires and experiments, and finally form 'control '(Whether the child is mature or not)And 'Love '(Don't care, trust, respect and understand)Two dimensions. According to the different attitudes of parents, they are divided into four types: autocratic parents--Control, love autocratic parents-- Control, more than enough love to indulge parents-- Love is not wise enough to control, indifferent parents-- The University of California has studied educational behavior and children's character development for 13 years. The correct way is to understand and respect children first, remember that the child's self-esteem is inviolable and give the child proper love on this basis.
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