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by:SKP     2020-02-12
The replacement of off-season and peak season is a normal phenomenon for children's amusement equipment to operate throughout the year. For ordinary amusement parks, the off-season lasts for about 180 days from the Spring Festival to the end of April, after the National Day to the Spring Festival of the following year, accounting for 49% of the operating time of the whole year, how to spend this 'long night' is a particularly headache for every park operator. During this period, the park is generally faced with three major dilemmas: the decline in passenger flow, the shrinking income, the lack of equipment reception, the high operating costs, and the lack of highlights in the promotion of brand promotion. How to overcome the difficulties faced by the off-season management? First, skillfully use the off-season time to 'opportunistic' and operate the children's amusement equipment at the wrong peak when the off-season passenger flow is relatively small, which can not only ensure the cost performance of tourists' amusement experience in the Paradise, at the same time, it can save energy and reduce consumption and reduce operating costs. Carry out peak maintenance and annual inspection on equipment running under long-term heavy load to ensure safe operation of equipment in peak season and reduce maintenance cost. The off-season passenger flow is small, and the internship and part-time staff are double-selected to effectively control the cost of human resources; Use the spare time to conduct skills training, service improvement, and fire safety drills for the employees in the company to ensure that the service quality of the operation in the off-season season is continuously stable at the same level. Second, use the price to activate the stock users. In the off-season, the core customers for the theme park have not decreased. It is only because of the decline in experience caused by the weather, at this time, customer satisfaction will be easily improved. Therefore, we should find ways to activate consumer groups, leverage the market with Internet thinking, create public praise in the off-season, and store water for children's amusement equipment operation in the peak season. The specific methods are as follows: the equipment list promotes irregular promotion every year to attract tourists who have long been concerned; Reasonably combined with secondary consumption, gradually decreasing according to the promotion cycle of the activity, paying attention to locking the passenger flow in advance and maintaining the coherence of the policy. III. Skillfully use the power of the Internet of the whole staff, and with the help of the power of the Internet, build a strong internet content marketing team, make use of the younger theme marketing, and integrate the content channels on this basis, successfully establish the perception of amusement park children's amusement equipment in consumers' hearts. It should be noted here that the official Weibo and WeChat of the park should gradually evolve from a single information release and tourist consultation to a powerful self-media promotion and consumption system. When promoting children's amusement equipment, we should focus on strengthening the park's own product symbols and not making wedding clothes for others. The method of off-season management is handed over to you, and more is to practice in your own business! Woqi Amusement Equipment Co. , Ltd. has ice and land bumper cars. Welcome to buy.
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