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by:SKP     2020-02-11
The daily maintenance of amusement equipment is no stranger to the operators, and screws and nuts, as indispensable parts in mechanical amusement, play a connecting and fixing role. When the equipment fails and cannot operate normally, it requires our skilled workers to disassemble and repair the internal parts. In this process, it is inevitable to encounter some minor problems of screws and nuts. The following small series will introduce several small tricks to solve different situations. First, the disassembly of broken head screws is mostly operated outdoors for mechanical amusement equipment, so the occurrence of broken head screws also occurs from time to time. In removing this kind of screw, drill holes in the screw, drive in the multi-stone quenched steel cone, screw out the screw, pay attention to the impact force should not be too large, in order to prevent damage to the mother thread. If the screw breaks the hole in the center of the broken end below the surface of the machine, use the corresponding reverse screw or tap to screw out the reverse thread in the hole; If the screw is broken above the surface of the machine part, the welding screw can be added to the broken head, or a Hacksaw can be used to saw a groove on the protruding broken head, and then it can be screwed out with a screwdriver. Drill the screws of the whole amusement equipment with a drill bit, replace the screws slightly larger than the original screw diameter, and select the corresponding nuts. Second, the removal of corroded screws after experiencing various natural conditions such as wind, sun, rain and other natural conditions, corrosion of screws in amusement equipment is also normal during removal. In dealing with this type of problem, you must first tap the screw with your hand (Screws, bolts, nuts, etc)Around, to break the rust layer, and then screw out; You can twist it slightly in the tightening direction first, then twist it in the opposite direction, and then twist it out in reverse; Pour some kerosene around the screws, or put cotton yarn dipped in kerosene, soak for about 20 minutes, use the strong penetration of kerosene to penetrate into the rust layer, gradually loosen the thread and then screw it out. 3. Disassembly of group threaded connection disassembly of group threaded connection, in addition to disassembly according to the method of single thread, the following points should be done: first, loosen each bolt by 1 ~ 2, then according to the regulations, the middle diagonal line is removed one by one. The above three are common problems encountered in the process of overhaul and disassembly. For amusement equipment, in order to create greater value, it is necessary to do daily overhaul and regular overhaul.
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