Amusement parks are easier to operate in shopping malls, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-14
The choice has been thoroughly understood by the investors of amusement projects. However, for ocean ball, it is believed that not many children can resist its magic power. Ocean ball park is a very popular amusement place for children in recent years, the shadow can also be seen from large and small shopping malls or outdoor squares. Operating the ocean ball park, the location is very important, the passenger flow is the guarantee of the profit of the ocean ball park, so many operators will choose to operate the ocean ball park in the mall, why? 1. In large shopping malls, there are special people to clean the sanitation, so the operation of the ocean ball park in the shopping mall will be relatively less dusty than the operation of the ocean ball park in the open square outside, it is easier to keep clean. Many experts know that it is not easy to clean tens of thousands of ocean balls. 2. Shopping malls basically have two major advantages. One is the large flow of people, and the other is the convenient transportation. These two advantages can provide great convenience for operators. To be guaranteed, the turnover must first have a source of customers. The ocean ball park is located in the mall. Don't worry about no customers, don't worry about no one knowing the existence of the park, and fall into an embarrassing situation. 3. There are many precise target customers. There will be various shops in the shopping mall, which can basically meet the needs of people of all ages and is very suitable for shopping in a large and small size, it is also a place for people to relax, enjoy the cool, and chat. These people who choose to come to the mall to kill time are also the target customers of the park. The most important thing is that they come from a family. Parents are tired of shopping, and children are still energetic? It is best to take them to the Paradise to play. Parents can also take a break. Most importantly, few children can resist the magic of the ocean ball pool, so the target customers already have, it depends on how the operators attract them to the park. 4. The management is orderly and the position is fixed, which is conducive to publicity and activities. There are perfect rules and regulations in the mall, which is also convenient for the management of the operators. Moreover, if it is operated outdoors, there is no fixed place, and it is also affected by factors such as weather and location, it is not conducive to attracting long-term customers. In contrast, the operation of the ocean ball park in the mall has a great advantage. As for the publicity of the activity, as mentioned earlier, the traffic volume in the shopping mall is large, and the effect of the publicity activities in places with large traffic volume is naturally much better. 5. If there are any drawbacks in choosing to operate the ocean ball park in the shopping mall, there is only one. The rent in the shopping mall is too expensive, but as long as the operators are good at management and maintain the customers, to give customers a good play experience, natural management will return to the original and start to make profits for a period of time.
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