Amusement project innovation enhances playground competitiveness, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-11
In the increasingly competitive environment of the children's paradise industry, in order to have a place in the cruel market environment, the park operators have constantly broken through and innovated in order to attract more customers. The core competitiveness of children's amusement park includes amusement projects and services. Today we will look at how to enhance the competitiveness of the amusement park through the innovation of amusement projects. First, understand the development trend of equipment. Taking the market demand as the starting point, analyze the condition of amusement projects in the target area, and summarize the characteristics of market demand after obtaining the results and rules, understand the amusement items that are more popular with the vast number of tourists in the market, and provide powerful help for the innovation of the park. Second, the creative combination between equipment. In the children's amusement industry, especially the innovation of experience projects, the innovation of project combination is a method with lower cost and easier completion. It includes not only the internal combination of different amusement projects, but also the combination of different amusement projects. After the combination, it forms a new children's amusement experience commodity, however, this combination requires not only novelty, uniqueness and comfort, but also reasonable function and proper distribution of function areas. Third, set off the product features with the paradise environment. The environment atmosphere of the Paradise has an important influence on showing the attraction of amusement projects. There are usually two problems in the environmental atmosphere. First, the environmental atmosphere is relatively old. For children's parks with long operating years and aging on the ground, walls and glass, it can improve the whole environment through the replacement of tiles on the ground, the painting of walls, the placement of rest seats around the amusement park from the beginning and the design of free places in the amusement park from the beginning, and build a brand-new amusement atmosphere, complete all updates of amusement places. Second, the environmental atmosphere is relatively monotonous. Many children's playgrounds do not pay attention to the creation of the whole environment, which is relatively monotonous. At this time, it can combine the characteristics of the project to build a unique environmental atmosphere, which makes people feel personally on the scene. Fourth, increase the player's experience of the device. Participation and experience are the central features of children's amusement projects. In the aspect of innovation of amusement projects, for some projects with weak tourists' participation, we can plan Games for amusement projects, bring the amusement projects into the game links, and strengthen tourists' participation, constantly innovate experience methods to improve the attractiveness of children's amusement projects. Fifth, follow the trend to update the equipment. For the children's paradise project with short life cycle, the selection of hardware equipment is relatively fast, which requires timely updating of equipment; The equipment update is not only the old one, but also the new one. However, updating hardware equipment requires increased investment, so this innovation is necessary to establish scientific analysis and speculation on new equipment.
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