Analysis of prime time of amusement park operation, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-14
In daily operations, there are often dealers who report the problem of less traffic in a certain period of time and request the company to provide business planning. To this end, SKP company amusement has made the following analysis on the issue of operating prime time. First, the store opened: As we all know, the opening of the business is the first step to raise the popularity of the children's park, and it is also a good time to gather popularity. However, many shopkeepers have ignored this point and simply opened the business, the store information of the children's paradise is not effectively conveyed, which is also the easiest to be ignored by dealers. In the preparation for the opening, we should try every means to inform the local customers of the basic situation of the playground, such as the opening time, opening discount, opening activities, etc. , and increase publicity efforts to lay a good foundation for the future development of the store. Second, winter and summer vacations and holidays: Generally speaking, students have winter and summer vacations and holiday holidays are the best time for amusement park business, because only at this time can children have plenty of time to come and play. In the general holidays such as June 1, the children's park can hold family entertainment programs such as family mobilization, promote family feelings, feel the warmth of the home, and thus have a good feeling and a sense of belonging to the park. Third, the weekend: On weekends, children are on holiday, parents are resting, and the popularity of the park is obvious to all. Therefore, in addition to health, service and safety, some preferential activities or entertainment programs should be held at the weekend, you can refer to the hot variety show to hold parent-child activities, or weekend discounts. Let parents and children relax and play, the pressure on study and work is well released, and they are happy to forget to return, thus recycling consumption. Four, the two best time periods of the day:1. From 9: 00 to 11: 00 in the morning: preschool children are not like adults. They usually wake up early. For the sake of their children's health, parents will also take their children out for activities. Children's paradise is a good choice, there are many devices and many playmates to meet the needs of children to make friends, climb, run, jump, etc. So, how can they come to your children's paradise every morning? Operators can launch parent-child amusement equipment, such as parent-child bumper cars, garden trains, etc. , to attract parents and children to participate. 2. From to: this is the most prosperous time of the day. This time is the time for parents to take their children out for a walk after work. If the venue is in the supermarket, this is also the time when parents like to go shopping in the supermarket. Generally, they also choose to take their children to play. At this time, the park can engage in some group games to attract parents and children to enter the park to play, so that parents can get a good exercise after the meal, bring good memories to customers, and leave a better impression.
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