Analysis on the reasons why naughty Castle is not popular- Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-25
In addition to bringing joy to children, the opening of the naughty Castle will also bring profits to the store. However, the naughty Castle has been opened for a long time. What if it is not popular? Let's look for the reason together! 1. We need all our friends to find out the reasons from ourselves and see what are the shortcomings of our management methods. For example, the amusement equipment is too old, and Xiaobian has a friend who is like this. His playground does not change entertainment facilities all the year round, saying that it is not worth spending money to re-purchase. At the beginning, it was good, and no tourists were willing to experience it for a long time. 2, that is, there are not many activities for publicity and planning. Some friends think that I only need to wait for tourists to come to play, which is a typical idea of 'waiting for the rabbit. Without good activities, more people will pay attention to their amusement parks. How can they maintain passenger flow? Secondly, first of all, we should always pay attention to the current hot trends, keep up with the trend of market development, and diversify the amusement facilities in the venue to meet the playing experience of different players, attract more tourists of the same age group as much as possible and expand the customer base. 3, to do a good job in the maintenance of old customers, try our best to ensure that customers do not lose, for frequent visitors, give discounts and gifts and other benefits, often communicate with old customers, find out the shortcomings of the playground and improve it.
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