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by:SKP     2020-02-14
Amusement equipment is a very popular industry at present, especially children's amusement equipment, and many people invest in it. However, in order to operate well, it is necessary to master the wear stage of amusement equipment, next, I will give you a brief analysis, hoping to be helpful to you. The first stage: the running-in stage. The surface of the new friction pair has a certain roughness, and the actual contact area is very small. Therefore, when the running-in starts, the wear is very rapid. With the continuous running-in, the bulge of the rough surface is gradually smoothed, the actual contact area gradually increases, the surface becomes smoother and smoother, and the wear rate gradually decreases. When reaching a certain level, it tends to be stable, and the running-in phase ends at this time. The amount of wear during this period is called the initial grinding and the top. The running-in stage is when people consciously use the slight wear in this stage to create conditions for stable wear in normal operation. In this stage, for equipment that has not been run-in, regulations such as load reduction, deceleration and reasonable operation shall be observed, lubricating oil with lower viscosity shall be added, and constant temperature shall be kept as far as possible. In addition, in order to shorten the running-in period, appropriate advanced technologies can be adopted to improve the utilization rate of equipment. After running-in, clean the lubrication system and use lubricating oil that meets the quality requirements. The second stage: stable running-in stage. This stage is the normal working stage. After running-in, the friction surface is hardened. The microscopic geometry changes and the wear is slow and stable. In the later stage of this stage, due to metal fatigue, the wear is relatively accelerated, but it can continue to work. When approaching the fatigue limit of metal, the machine should be overhauled regularly to prevent large mechanical accidents caused by excessive wear and tear of the machine. The third stage: severe wear stage. At this stage, as the metal surface layer basically reaches the fatigue limit, the friction conditions change greatly ( Such as sharp rise in temperature, significant changes in surface metal structure, changes in microscopic geometry, increased clearance, deterioration of lubrication conditions, etc) The wear speed increases sharply, the mechanical efficiency decreases, the precision loses, abnormal noise and vibration are generated, and the mechanical properties of materials change, which eventually leads to the failure of parts and must be repaired. New amusement equipment will be on the market soon. Welcome new and old customers to come to our company for consultation and purchase. Related links: inflatable battery car cover children's inflatable battery car robot pedal inflatable trampoline slide
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