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by:SKP     2020-02-14
Recently, a critical report on the renovation of amusement equipment pushed the safety of amusement equipment to the vent. Everyone called for it and offered suggestions to relevant functional departments to crusade against black-hearted manufacturers, call for relevant measures to be introduced. For a time, consumers have a 'talking about the Tiger' for the amusement facilities. The Chinese amusement equipment information network is a small series. I would like to talk about some superficial views here, only one word. As is known to all, in the process of amusement facilities from production to operation, one end is the producer, the other end is the consumer, and the middle is the regulatory functional department and the operator of the amusement facilities, consumers are the direct victims of 'problem amusement facilities', the most innocent and the most passive in the whole process. It is true that we look forward to the strong supervision of functional departments and implement them into specific systems, and crack down on the interest chain of 'no buying and selling, no harm' from the source, but it will take time, the soundness of the legal system takes time, and our amusement stories are staged every day. Everyone does not want tragedies, including irresponsible operators. Then, as an innocent and passive consumer, it is better to polish your eyes and learn to play safely than to hope for the legal system. Moreover, the sound legal system can not prevent the occurrence of crimes. It is the same. How to play safely? First of all, when you decide to take a tour of a certain amusement facility, you should first look at the qualification mark, check whether the equipment has the safety inspection certificate, and within the validity period of the inspection. Refused to take no use registration certificate, no regular inspection report, and too old rides. Secondly, it is necessary to know whether this amusement project is suitable for oneself. Each amusement equipment has requirements on the body and age of the rider, and some patients with diseases are forbidden to ride, therefore, you must understand clearly before riding. Then, depending on the instructions to passengers, each amusement equipment has its own movement principle, safety instructions, use instructions and safety protection. You must know clearly before riding, unclear places should be asked in time. In addition, to view the security device (Such as safety belts, safety bars, etc)Whether it is complete and effective. If there are incomplete safety devices or they cannot be used normally, refuse to ride or play. Finally, keep relevant bills or on-site evidence for rights protection.
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