Attention to emergency points of amusement equipment sudden stop accident, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-11
One. Common faults of amusement equipment 1. Sudden shutdown; 2. Mechanical fracture; 3. Falling from the sky. Two. Reasons for failure and prevention, amusement equipment consists of several systems. The cause of the failure is very complicated, mainly due to improper maintenance. Therefore, to prevent failure is to strengthen daily maintenance and regular inspection. Three. Emergency point 1. When you feel unwell and unbearable in the game, you should immediately remind the staff to stop. 2. When abnormal shutdown occurs, do not tamper with and release the device. Stay calm, listen to the opinions of the staff and wait for rescue. 3. In the event of an emergency such as accidental casualties, panic, squatting and crowding should be avoided, and evacuation should be organized in time. Four. Tip 1. When tourists are playing, first read the 'Instructions for Use' carefully, listen to the staff's explanation, master the key points of the game, high blood pressure, heart disease and other personnel do not play the project is, not suitable for your body. Leading minors to play a good role in supervision. 2. Any children's amusement equipment has corresponding protection devices. When the equipment fails, please remain calm and follow the command. Waiting for rescue is the choice of tourists, which can reduce the severity of accidents and even avoid personal injury accidents.
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