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by:SKP     2020-02-10
Bumper cars are a classic amusement equipment. Bumper cars, luxury horses and pirate ships are known as the three treasures of amusement parks. Bumper car amusement equipment can be seen most everywhere in the three treasures of amusement parks, whether it is a small park or a large playground or even an outdoor venue of a shopping mall, bumper cars can be seen, showing the heat of bumper car amusement equipment. Bumper cars are divided into ground bumper cars, battery bumper cars, and Skynet bumper cars. With the demand in the amusement equipment market, Skynet bumper cars have been gradually eliminated. Compared with the network bumper car, the battery bumper car is more convenient to operate, and the floor area does not need to be very large. Therefore, small and medium-sized amusement parks will choose battery bumper cars. Then investors receive battery bumper cars from amusement equipment manufacturers, what do you need to check and what are the steps? (1) open the bumper car tail board, check whether the battery wiring is connected with the knife; When checking the line, remember not to pull the line too hard to break the thin line, turn over the car to check whether the street parts of the whole vehicle line are falling off, loose or damaged. Some equipment is completely disassembled for safety reasons before leaving the factory; ② All the equipment should be checked to be safe and able to run normally. Turn on the main power switch, set the time, start the bumper car, and press the Control switch on the handle to control the operation and stop of the vehicle; (3) the battery can be charged when it runs out of power. Each time it is charged for not less than 5 hours and not more than 12 hours, there should be no dangerous goods nearby when charging; The inspection steps of bumper cars include the above points. If there is an accident or a major accident when running the equipment, you need to consult the manufacturer. The bumper car itself is not very good in resistance. If the body is not designed with a resistance protection device, avoid direct impact. The impact parts of bumper cars are the bottom of the car body and the periphery of the car body. Improper use will cause damage to the human body and the vehicle. Bumper cars can only be driven on flat and hard ground, and the required professional sites cannot be close to water sources, steep slopes, trench walls and other sites. Children under the age of 4 must be accompanied by adults. Take the bumper car as far back as possible, do not bend suddenly to avoid rollover. It is forbidden to put the battery on the bumper car to avoid fire when charging. The charger should be kept ventilated. The battery will heat up when charging. Please open the cover of the bumper car and keep it well ventilated, please do not stack multiple chargers together for charging.
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