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by:SKP     2020-02-09
Battery bumper car, battery bumper car price, how much is a battery bumper car? A battery bumper car uses an integrated glass fiber reinforced plastic casing, and the equipment uses advanced sound and light, which is very fashionable and gorgeous, the battery bumper car shell is made according to the shape of animals, sports cars and robots, and it is made of imported car paint, which is very environmentally friendly and fashionable. Consideration for the purchase of battery bumper cars: Battery children's battery bumper cars are mainly powered by electricity, so when choosing children's battery bumper cars, the endurance of battery bumper cars should be considered, that is, how long can you play with one charge. This can bring greater benefits to investors, charging once a day, and it is also very convenient. The battery bumper cars produced by SKP company's amusement equipment manufacturers are all original super-power batteries using 12V20AH. Children's battery bumper car purchase consideration 2: battery bumper car manufacturer after-sales 1, in software control: the intelligent digital control system and speed stepless speed regulation system independently developed and designed by SKP company's amusement equipment are widely used in series of products. Through years of practical use, improvement and optimization, it shows good practicability and compatibility, and has good reliability and durability, which is well received by customers. 2. In terms of hardware structure: the structural design of patent chassis of various types of bumper cars of SKP company takes the flexible use of products as the core, simplifies the structure and reduces weight, the application and application scope of the product are greatly enhanced; Beautify the appearance and brighten the product to greatly enhance the attractiveness of the product; Standardized production and injection molding greatly reduce the production cost and enhance the price advantage of the product. 3. In terms of product series: SKP company has rich product series, such as inflatable car bumper car series, aircraft bumper car series, Thomas series, tank series, carriage series, etc, each series has dozens of models with different colors and styles. Can meet all the customer's product needs.
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