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by:SKP     2020-02-10
Every year before the Spring Festival logistics is shut down, it is the busiest time for e-commerce. Double 12, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Spring Festival, and Valentine's Day are all festivals that require a sense of ritual. E-commerce companies also use holidays to create consumer desires. Just after the 12th, logistics and express delivery were all picking up and delivering goods non-stop, and they all wanted to finish the last busy day years ago. Compared with investors, they want to receive their own equipment on time before the year, open their own way of opening a store, and earn a lot during the Spring Festival. What can investors do before the Spring Festival logistics is shut down? During the Spring Festival, the business hours of the amusement equipment will be long, the workload of the equipment will increase, and the loss of accessories and repair time will increase. During the Spring Festival, investors and operators need to prepare more accessories for amusement equipment. In case of some peak passenger flow, the machine fails to be repaired in time, resulting in unnecessary loss of revenue. The opening time of the Spring Festival store is reasonably arranged. The opening time of the Spring Festival in 2020 is January 25. According to Xiao Bian, the General Logistics is 10-in advance- 15 days off, so there is only a week or so for normal delivery in January. During the Spring Festival, it is the best time for amusement equipment merchants to make money. It will also be the peak period for investors to open a store. In this regard, Xiaobian once again reminds investors that they must arrange the stocking time reasonably, open on time and harvest the first bucket of gold for your own business during the Spring Festival. Operating the golden season, welcome to place orders in advance. During the Spring Festival every year, it is the most popular time for amusement equipment to play, and it is also the golden season for operating amusement equipment. If investors want to get involved in the amusement equipment industry, they can start to consult the market, site selection, equipment selection and decoration in advance, huaqin amusement provides a complete integrated service chain from product design, production and sales, after-sales service, to site design of operators, etc. In the daily operation, the company will also provide guidance to solve the operational problems arising from the daily operation of the store. Welcome to consult the order in advance, catch up with the last wave of profitable rides, invest to make money without worry! In a word, the amusement industry has entered the critical period of 'sprint' at the end of the year. Investors or operators should arrange the time for stocking up the goods to ensure that the equipment or accessories reach their hands on time. Finally, I also wish everyone a good revenue this year.
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