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by:SKP     2020-02-20
The weather is getting hotter every day, the sultry weather is around us, and even the air we breathe is hot! Such a big sun basically cuts off the idea of outdoor activities! However, the emergence of the support swimming pool has undoubtedly become a must-have item for outdoor activities in summer! I can enjoy the land of the water and feel the cool atmosphere. So what kind of cloth is used in the support pool, is it safe? Here, Haibei amusement equipment company will explain to you the safety of the support swimming pool? First of all, the swimming pool is made of steel frame and 0. 48mm plus net thickened export quality material, fabric is a combination of Scarlett fabric. Cloth workmanship is all double-thread sewing, with fine stitches and wide Hemming, which is relatively strong. The main body is supported by steel pipes, and the pool body is made of pvc coating cloth special for the pool, which is heated and formed by high frequency welding. It has friction resistance, anti-aging, etc. , and is convenient to set up, safe to use, clean and sanitary, and does not need a special site. The regular shape of the bracket swimming pool is rectangular, and the size can also be customized according to the venue. The support swimming pool is not only convenient to move and smart to operate, but also can be used in parks, squares, gymnasiums, tourist attractions and other venues. After the summer, it can be assembled and preserved, and other projects can be made with the vacated space. This will not cause waste of land, but also bring you rich profits.
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