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by:SKP     2020-02-07
Inflatable swimming pools are usually in some water theme parks. It does not require any mechanical equipment. Usually, it needs to slide down from a height of more than ten meters. It mainly relies on its own gravity to slide down. Water park facilities mainly include large speakers and water. Slides, etc. , inflatable swimming pool as a popular leisure game in the hot summer, detonated throughout the summer, also attracted the attention of many investors, and then more manufacturers joined. Swimming pools are very attractive to young children. There are various inflatable swimming pools in the market. However, we need to know that each inflatable swimming pool has its own considerations, such as matters needing attention when playing in a large inflatable swimming pool. What are the details of the maintenance and maintenance of this large inflatable swimming pool? Before playing with this swimming pool, please make sure there are no sharp things or objects around the ground or on the ground. Inflatable swimming pool is suitable for children. It is very dangerous to play with two children, so it is not recommended to play with two children. When the child is playing in an inflatable swimming pool filled with water, it is correct for the child to hold the edge of the swimming pool. It is not correct to stand on the swimming pool. It is easy to slip. We also do not advocate it. Avoid playing on uneven ground, stairs or stairs. Do not play in places with fire or electric heaters. Don't use children's jumping animal series inflatable swimming pool as a tool, it is just for playing. In inflatable swimming pool deflated before with semi-dry towels clean inflatable swimming pool surface dry after deflated and store it in a cool clean the place. If the inflatable swimming pool is not properly stored in water, if the inflatable swimming pool cannot drain water, please place it in a dry and ventilated place. Dry until water evaporates. Don't store water. If the inflatable swimming pool is stored for a long time, the moisture should be checked regularly. It should be blown dry and wiped clean in a ventilated place.
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