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by:SKP     2020-02-08
Shopping malls, supermarkets, stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, canteens, infant products specialty stores, various toy specialty stores, medical institutions, children's hospitals, community hospitals, community squares, community parks, theme parks, children's parks small amusement parks, kindergartens, children's palaces, stations, docks and other public places with concentrated traffic, inflatable battery cars are also called children's inflatable battery cars, it is divided into three types: double inflatable battery car, lantern inflatable battery car and single inflatable battery car. The inflatable battery car originated from Japan in the early days. The shell of the inflatable battery car was made of plastic rubber coat technology, with extremely high gloss and no leg color; This car can inflate various cartoon animals and children's favorite models. It is a historic new change in battery car products. It is children's favorite entertainment product. The safety is excellent. It is the most ideal investment product for merchants. Children's bumper car is currently a relatively hot project, the cost of investment is relatively low, and the income is relatively objective. Children's bumper cars are generally priced at around two thousand yuan. It has less investment, fast income and strong recreation. It is a very popular amusement project. First, choose a good time to play. Summer vacations and weekends are definitely full of amusement parks, so parents have time to avoid them as much as possible. First, in order to save waiting time in line, second, try to avoid peak hours of people, and try not to get together when playing bumper cars, it is better to have fewer people, not too intense, and reduce the possibility of danger. Second, avoid letting children play bumper cars alone. Children play bumper cars. It is best to be accompanied by adults. Take safety measures to avoid accidents such as frontal collisions and avoid accidental injuries to the baby. When the baby is tired, pay attention to rest and don't play for too long. Third, discuss with the child in advance. Some children want to play, but they are afraid of collisions. At this time, parents must communicate with their children. The children are really afraid that they can't let him play bumper cars, otherwise the children will not be able to accept it.
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