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by:SKP     2020-02-01
Although the development prospect of children's amusement equipment in China is good, there are still some problems, such as: 1. Appearance defects, some children's amusement equipment is accessories made of metal materials, such as key rings, etc. , rough production, Sharp and other unsafe factors, seriously affecting the safety performance of children's amusement equipment products. 2. The ministry of health of children's amusement equipment is qualified, some heavy metal content exceeds the standard, some equipment that is in close contact with children are not in place, disinfection is not timely, and so on. 3. There is no age warning sign suitable for children on the children's amusement equipment. The hardware items such as bells and pendants for decoration on the children's amusement equipment are firmly checked, which is easy to cause children to swallow. The safety problems of these children's amusement equipment can be avoided as much as possible in the process of making amusement equipment manufacturers, which means that it depends on whether the amusement equipment manufacturers have made them attentively, the safety of children is the premise of amusement, so the production of children's amusement equipment is first to ensure the safety of children, which is also the unshirkable responsibility of amusement equipment manufacturers. With the continuous development of the amusement equipment industry, amusement equipment manufacturers are constantly emerging, and new types of amusement equipment are also constantly emerging, resulting in more and more fierce competition in the amusement equipment industry. However, how can this industry stand out from the crowd? If you want to stand out in the amusement equipment industry, you must make your products look attractive. The first point is to let customers have a bright feeling when they see the products, this requires our products to look relatively new and to maintain the equipment products better. After long-term use, amusement equipment will look older, which requires us to understand the maintenance methods of amusement equipment products. Many amusement equipment are made up of circuit appliances. When maintaining such equipment, all power supplies should be cut off first, and then wiped with a wet cloth. In this way, it can ensure that the equipment dries quickly, so as not to cause unnecessary damage during operation. There are also many amusement equipment made of wood. It is a very important maintenance process for moisture-resistant and colorfast wood products. Wood is easily damaged after long-term use, this will pose a certain threat to the safety of children, so it is generally cleaned by soapy water, which can be disinfected, it is also guaranteed for the long-term use of amusement equipment.
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