Buying amusement equipment should start from the perspective of entertainment performance, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-01-28
Amusement equipment is generally installed in parks, scenic spots or amusement parks, so the selected amusement equipment should meet the overall planning requirements of the area to be placed, because there are many kinds of amusement equipment, different amusement equipment will bring different entertainment experiences to tourists. Similarly, different consumer groups have different demands for Entertainment Performance. Haibei amusement reminds investors here, when purchasing amusement equipment, you should choose from the perspective of entertainment performance! Investors can't blindly pursue 'novelty and excitement' and ignore the entertainment experience of tourists. For example, amusement equipment with intense and relatively exciting movements, such as large roller coasters, big pendulum hammers, space shuttles, etc. , are more suitable for young and middle-aged tourists to play; However, the movement is relatively gentle, and the running height is limited. The horses and bumper cars are suitable for most tourists, especially family tourists. Therefore, amusement parks must reasonably allocate different types of equipment according to the target population when purchasing amusement equipment. At present, the performance of various types of amusement equipment varies greatly. Even if the same type of amusement equipment is designed and manufactured by different equipment suppliers, its performance is also different. Therefore, when modeling the equipment, the amusement equipment provided by various suppliers should be fully investigated and analyzed.
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