Can a children's amusement park in a community make money? - Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-21
I believe all investors have found that most shopping malls and supermarkets now have children's amusement equipment. Needless to say, there is no doubt that investors make money, however, the rents of these supermarkets are also high, especially the larger indoor amusement parks. Many investors have difficulty in renting, and this part of investors put their eyes on the community, so, can investing in children's play equipment in the community make money? First, low rent for investors with limited funds, it is appropriate to locate the venue in the community. Compared with the high rent fees in shopping malls and supermarkets, investors who open children's playgrounds in the community can save a lot of expenses and reduce operating costs. Second, great demand for a modern metropolis, reinforced concrete and high-rise buildings are everywhere. Children have very limited places to play except staying at home or at school, therefore, many children have formed the habit of staying at home, staying at home on holidays, surfing the Internet, watching TV or sleeping late, which worries many parents. If there is a fun and educational indoor children's park near the community, it is a great blessing for parents and children. You can play in the community without going far away. As long as there are enough children in the community, the market for indoor children's parks will be very broad. The potential of the children's paradise market III. Stable flow of people the flow of people in the community is smaller than that in the mall, but the flow of people in the community has an obvious feature, that is, the target consumers are concentrated and the mobility is small, there is no need to worry about the source of tourists. It is suggested that investors choose to open a children's paradise in a community with high occupancy rate or concentrated population, which makes it easier to increase the number of cards for membership cards. Moreover, the community is closer to the consumers, and it is easier to cultivate customer loyalty. As long as the equipment and management in the children's playground are in place, the children will have fun, and the parents will naturally be satisfied, you will always choose to take your child to play.
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