Can amusement equipment be placed in the community? , Industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-08
For some children's amusement equipment in the community, the owners have different opinions, and the main crowd is divided into two categories. One is the owner who has children at home, and generally hopes that the children's amusement equipment in the community will be safe; The other is that there are old people at home, and I don't want to install children's play equipment in the community. The main reason why owners with children at home hope to have children's amusement facilities in the community is that it is really convenient to take children to play without leaving the community. Those who have children at home know how much their children like these Amusement Equipment. They can not only play with interesting amusement equipment, but also interact with other children, slides, playing sand and swinging can all increase the friendship between children. Moreover, some parents see that other communities have fun children's amusement equipment. As parents, of course, they also hope that their communities can have such supporting facilities to let children find a happy life. Therefore, we need to synthesize the idea of going to the owner first. If it can be placed, don't turn on the loud music sound. Don't close the stall too late at night, otherwise it will affect the rest of some owners.
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