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by:SKP     2020-03-14
After we invested in the purchase of inflatable castles, we will encounter such problems more or less. If some manufacturers have good after-sales service, they can help you solve them, however, if you encounter a manufacturer with poor after-sales service, you can only watch the inflatable castle you bought. Among the customers received by our Haibei amusement equipment in recent days, we often hear feedback from customers who come to inspect: XX amusement equipment manufacturers have poor after-sales service and so on, today, we, Haibei amusement, have asked a lot of questions about the common faults of inflatable castles and how to eliminate them. 1. Paste requirements: First apply glue evenly on the place where the inflatable castle is to be pasted and the cloth, then dry it for half a minute, paste the cloth sample to the pasting place, flatten it without warping the edge, and paste it. 2, the inflatable castle is cut: the mouth is longer than 5cm should be stitched with needle and thread, and then pasted with cloth or cloth. The stroke is less than 5 cm and can be directly pasted. 3, seam opening: first use the needle and thread to sew the opening flat ,(Or disassemble from the bottom of the air cushion and sew it) , Can be pasted to handle the opening firmly, while considering the beauty 4, beautify the edge: Use a small brush to apply a proper amount of glue on the edge of the edge, after a short stop, flatten and press tightly, paste firmly. 5. Degumming: some easily worn parts are easy to degumming after long-term use. Cloth can be cut into different shapes and pasted at degumming place. 6. Large air leakage: after the inflatable castle is used for a long time, due to the large seam of the pinhole in some parts, the air leakage is greatly increased. It can be considered to be pasted on the seam with a cloth strip to reduce the air leakage. For example, the inflatable castle is too old, scrap should be considered to prevent problems in operation. 7. Local abnormal bulge of the air cushion: Generally speaking, the towel is torn from the air cushion, the bottom of the air cushion can be disassembled by sewing along the line, the lacing is connected with the air cushion by needle and thread, and then pasted with cloth strips, protect the seam. 8, maintenance common sense  Before the inflatable castle is deflated, use a semi-dry towel to clean the surface of the inflatable castle, dry it and deflate it, and fold it in a cool and clean place for storage;     If the inflatable castle is not well kept, it should be blown up in a dry and ventilated place and dried until the water is evaporated. Avoid water storage;     The blower should be stored in a dry and ventilated place to prevent moisture;     Inflatable Castle is stored for a long time. It should be checked regularly for moisture. It should be blown up and wiped clean in a ventilated place. Customers who need it can contact customer service Xiao Yang: 18937803869
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