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by:SKP     2020-02-15
The child's mind is simple. We can't look at the child's thoughts with our own eyes. The purchase of children's paradise equipment should start from the child's point of view, and customizing the products that children need is the key factor in setting up a children's paradise. Children's way of thinking is wonderful and their imagination is rich. They are completely different from adults. Designers of the theme of children's paradise should analyze children's hearts and behaviors when designing, ask your child's needs, game mechanics, game content, game route, the impact on children's play, Road size, building color, overall equipment size, etc. , and then optimize the equipment site, improve children's initiative in amusement equipment. People like distinctive things. When choosing amusement equipment for children's parks, they should choose equipment with beautiful colors, bright colors, unique features and challenges that can attract children's attention at a glance, this is the best engine to attract children. The Caterpillar bumper car of SKP company is very suitable for doing business in the square. Caterpillar bumper car uses 24V350W brushless motor, Huapu controller and two 45A-day batteries. Loose feet stop, the material is thick engineering plastic, the size is 150*90*80, double seats, parent-child sharing.
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