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by:SKP     2020-02-15
Racing Caterpillar fun game/racing Caterpillar fun game which is good/big grid for project introduction: Before the start of the game, the players rode on the competition equipment and stood behind the starting line with their hands. When the competition equipment used by each team touches the vertical plane where the finish line is located, the timing stops. Those who use less time are ranked in the top. Training objectives: 1. Improve the ability of planning and implementation; 2. Understand the importance of execution and enhance rational decision-making ability. Features of fun games: 1. Integrating the three elements of sports, enterprise culture and entertainment to show the brand-new modern enterprise sports meeting; 2. It is very suitable for all enterprises and institutions to carry out employee activities, because it is more interesting and cohesive than the general annual meeting, and can better penetrate the corporate culture into every employee, improve employees' understanding ability and sense of identity to the enterprise; 3. Through the healthy and upward image of the staff sports meeting, the momentum of the sports meeting shows the world the vigorous and positive spirit of the enterprise and makes the enterprise stronger. 4. It is more suitable for enterprises to carry out membership and customer activities such as brand and product promotion. Its competitive, interesting and ornamental nature avoids the cold spot of general commercial activities, it is easy to form an atmosphere of excitement, enthusiasm and interaction in the whole activity, and the enterprise can achieve the commercial purpose more skillfully; 5. The number of participants is not limited, and the fun games of tens of thousands of people can be organized at the same time. Compared with other group activities or commercial promotion Show, the cost of fun games is lower, which can save a lot of expenses for enterprises. Benefits of fun games:
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