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by:SKP     2020-01-24
For an indoor children's amusement park, it is very necessary to reasonably plan the indoor functional zoning, because a reasonable plan can bring you unexpected effects to the indoor children's amusement park, let's talk about it for everyone. How to reasonably divide and plan the functional zoning of indoor children's amusement park 1. Leisure viewing area this area can account for 20% of the total area of children's amusement park, so that parents can easily see children playing in each area, therefore, it is set up in the middle of the other three districts, and the children can be seen from all angles. There are built-in tables and stools, which can be used for leisure and entertainment. Because there is a certain distance from the main area of the naughty fort, it can do its own thing, do not affect children's play and watch the children. 2. The naughty Fort play area is also the ordinary naughty Fort area, which is formed separately and surrounded by a safety net and a main frame; It contains dozens of items that can exercise children's physical strength, coordination and intelligence, such as drilling holes, single-plank bridges, boxing bags, spider rows, etc; Here children can play some small competitions. Naughty fort can cultivate children's independent personality, exercise, strengthen brain and intelligence, and stimulate children's positive enterprising spirit and courage to overcome difficulties. It is beneficial for children to give full play to their vitality and imagination, and while having fun, the body will get aerobic endurance exercise; It is conducive to meeting the psychological requirements of children who are competitive, unwilling to lag behind, and brave to explore, so that children can grow up more healthily, happily and intelligently. 3, electric video game area children's electric area is a very hot amusement project, in the electric area, you can drive a bumper car on the field, giving you a whirlwind feeling of flame, rotating collision, fun! You can also be a fishing up, drive a kart-rider, compete with your companions, and sit on the electric carousel. The electric zone can cultivate children's hands-on operation ability, observation ability, direction discrimination ability and reaction ability in case of obstacles, and can enable children to exercise and enhance their physique during playing. 4. Children's outward bound training in children's expansion area is designed according to children's characteristics. Through scientific three-dimensional combination, it forms a new generation of children's activity center integrating amusement, sports, intelligence and fitness. The vast majority of children like to drill, climb, slide, roll, sway, swing, jump and shake, and most of these children's outward bound training consists of crossing projects, it allows children to experience high-altitude climbing and feel the stimulation of crossing obstacles by setting up and setting up various levels with different difficulties and super stimulation in the vertical space, and to hone children's will, challenge themselves, stimulate potential and enhance self-confidence; Mainly suitable for 4-Children under the age of 15. Children's outward bound training is to shape children's character through senses and cultivate children to be guided by Thanksgiving education, independence and collective honor, improve children's attention, adaptability, interpersonal skills and teamwork skills. Children's expansion is the product of the perfect combination of sports, entertainment and education. It is a healthy gas station that promotes the all-round development of children's physical fitness and intelligence. 5. Parent-child Paradise area this area is mainly a comprehensive educational area, which can be equipped with various classic toys such as sand pools, beach toys, jigsaw puzzles, building blocks, etc, children can enjoy these things and interact with parents to promote parent-child communication between children and parents. 6. Simulated driving school area children simulated driving school area aims at strengthening the intervention education of children's traffic behavior, popularizing the promotion of road safety in school areas and educating children about correct traffic behavior. For example, how to cross the road, 1, 2, 3, listen, watch, pass, teach how to see motor vehicle lights, etc. , to cultivate traffic safety awareness, familiar with traffic rules, let children develop the habit of obeying traffic rules 7. Trampoline recreation area the origin of trampoline can be traced back to the Comanche Indians in North America in the middle of the 19th century. It has a long history and was a child, the Simmons bed at home is a paradise for children to play. As long as they jump, they can play tall and tall. Although I have no wings, I have a trampoline. Trampoline can exercise people's whole body movement ability and sense of balance, and trampoline can promote bone development, enhance children's movement ability and balance and coordination ability, promote whole body blood circulation, improve immunity, and exercise leg muscles, cerebellar balance system and brain nervous system development. 7. Performance space area the performance space integrates the whole theme park into a big stage concept, and designs a unique whole-site lighting change program and theme music, control the lighting and music changes of the whole park through the control room. At the moment of performance, the whole theme park is turned into a super-large Show, which makes people's passion reach a climax. 8. Education space area integrates education into entertainment by high-tech means, such as magic classroom. Through augmented reality technology, cartoon characters become teachers, greatly increasing affinity. In addition, a series of courses can be continuously introduced to enable children to learn knowledge in games and strengthen educational attraction through entertainment. 9. Service space area service space provides every tourist with the best service, including a series of services such as children's hair salon, children's clothing, children's photography, etc, improve the viscosity and customer satisfaction of indoor children's amusement parks. 10. Dining space area dining space is to provide tourists with their favorite desserts, drinks, ice cream and other foods when they are tired of playing, so as to increase their residence time; At the same time, you can observe the movement of the equipment during the break, find the next game target, and enhance the potential of secondary consumption. 11. Sales space area sales space designs a series of derivatives according to the theme story, such as toys, books, gifts and so on. Here, tourists can choose any gift they want, and the theme of the indoor children's amusement park can be extended to enhance the brand's communication.
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