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by:SKP     2020-01-26
If you want to invest or start a business, it is right to choose children's amusement projects. You can't see the children's economy 'Running Wild '. Nowadays, the children's amusement industry is highly sought after, especially the children's development park, which has become a 'sweet' in the eyes of small and medium-sized investors. There are four reasons: 1) Compared with other projects, the investment amount of children's development park is small, the area is small, and the area is mostly 60- 100 square meters, do not need to consider too much decoration costs, the number of people needed is not much, the mode of operation is relatively simple. 2) It is undeniable that children's expansion competition is small. Naughty castles that can let children crawl are very popular. Almost 90% of indoor children's parks are equipped with naughty castles. In terms of playing methods, children's expansion Park and naughty Castle have the same effect, but the age group of children targeted is slightly larger than that of naughty Castle, which is more challenging and also has strong attraction to children. At present, children's development parks are more common in first-tier cities, but in second-and third-tier cities, especially in county towns, they are rare, with less competition and a promising market. In the usual, used to play children's naughty fort, and then give the child this alternative 'naughty Fort', the effect can be imagined. 3) It is highly playable and helps children grow up healthily. Adventure paradise, space-time tunnel, drilling Netcom, passing Mazhuang, Angel's hand, Cliff survival, and the world. . . Just look at the names of these games, I believe that the children are already very yearning, different gameplay, slightly challenging multiple game combinations, playability is very strong. As for the benefits to children, children's development park can not only exercise the child's body; It is of great help to the cultivation of children's self-confidence, perseverance and enterprise, which is very in line with parents' psychological needs and will prompt parents to bring their children to experience. 4) Large profits, fast investment recovery analysis of investment recovery: in first-and second-tier cities, tickets for children's development parks are mostly at 40-Between 80 yuan (The following is calculated by ticket 60 yuan); Suppose that the investment in children's development equipment is 200000 yuan. Monday-- On Thursday, the number of consumers was 30, and the daily revenue was 30*60 = 1800 yuan on Friday-- On Sunday, the number of consumers is 80, and the daily revenue is 80*60 = 4800 yuan. The weekly revenue is 1800*4 4800*3 = 21600; Monthly Operating income: 4*21600 = 86400 rental expenditure: 8000 yuan/month; Salary Expenditure: 3000*4 people = 12000 yuan/month net profit per month: 86400-8000- 12000 = 66400 yuan/month investment recovery cycle: 200000 ÷ 66400 = 3. In January, don't think that everything will be all right if you choose the right project. Only good projects and good operation management can make big money and invest in children's development park. Attention should also be paid to: 1. Site selection. Investing in children's development Park, site selection is very important, which requires investors to do a good job in the previous market research. What group is the park mainly? Is it a community child? Is it a kindergarten or elementary school child? Or is it a shopping mall consumer group? According to the target group, count the specific data, such as how many households in the community, how many target children? What is the flow of people in the mall at ordinary times and on weekends? Is there a primary school or kindergarten nearby? Is there any child education and training point? Are there any strong competitors? How many children's businesses can share resources with you? Suggested locations: lively shopping malls, children's shopping malls, parks, large and medium-sized residential areas, and surrounding schools. . . 2. Safety. Security is a commonplace issue, but it is also a basic work that must be valued and done well. Without security, it is in vain to do more other work. 3. Pricing. Pricing is a science. It is recommended to be slightly higher than the local consumption level. If it is too low, it will not show the grade. If it is too high, everyone can't accept it. If the price is slightly higher, it is within the scope of its acceptance, it can also reflect the grade of the Paradise. Once the price of the park is low, it is more difficult for customers to accept it if they want to raise the price; The price is high, the park can lower the price in disguise by means of cards, activities, etc. , and can also give consumers a psychological comfort. 4. Promotion. In the Internet era, promotion is particularly important. Apart from some common routines, other people's good promotion methods should learn more, learn from and try more about the promotion of children's development park. It is not clear which method can achieve very good results. Related links: inflatable battery car Robot Pedal Car electric plush car bumper car rotating plane
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