Children's inflatable trampoline- Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-24
Trampoline is a kind of bed-like children's amusement equipment made of elastic PVC mesh cloth for children to jump and entertain. Inflatable trampoline is also known as inflatable castle, inflatable trampoline, inflatable toy, inflatable bouncing bed. Toys shaped by tension and tension blown by centrifugal fans and air pressure difference inside and outside the film. It uses materials such as mesh pvc or plastic to process into some castle-like shapes by heat sealing machine and other equipment, and then uses the pulling force blown by centrifugal fan and the air pressure difference inside and outside the film to form toys. Trampoline is divided into online and single Jump project online: with the elastic force of the elastic bed, the human body is bounced into the air. How to maintain the trampoline?
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