Children's Park market with unlimited potential- Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-20
With the opening of the comprehensive two-child policy, the children's amusement park industry is developing more and more rapidly, and the children's market has great potential, because children can also promote the consumption ability of parents, the role of the '1 2 4' Modern Family model in the future Chinese market will become more and more obvious, and children's brands can bring higher added value to shopping centers. The changing direction of indoor naughty Castle in the future. At present, the competition in domestic shopping centers is fierce and the homogenization phenomenon is serious. Shopping centers should seek for characteristic breakthrough, it is inevitable to focus on children's consumption areas that can bring added value and account for a high proportion of household expenditures. From the perspective of market feedback, since children's theme can gather a large number of customers together in a concentrated time, its radiation ability is far stronger than that of ordinary adult formats, and its radiation range is deeper and wider, the benefits to the shopping center are more obvious. Nowadays, there are many types of experiential children's business, including children's entertainment, education, shopping and other categories. But in fact, because this kind of children's business emphasizes the customer's experience, the customer's experience is not static, which requires merchants to constantly innovate. The characteristics of experiential children's business are not only the innovation of its facilities and investment promotion, but also its charm.
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