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by:SKP     2020-01-28
The inflatable castles produced by Guangzhou Haibei Amusement Equipment Co. , Ltd. are all made of 0. 48pvc mesh coating cloth, the price contains fan, glue and repair materials, with a warranty of five years. 20-300 square meters can be customized. We have castle designers who can customize and make renderings according to your requirements until you are satisfied. Haibei amusement equipment was established in 2006 and has been in existence for more than ten years. Many of the castle production workers are old workers. They have been working hard for more than ten years, with exquisite technology and fine workmanship. They want to make good results, just look for Haibei factory, contact phone number, 18937803869 large inflatable castle slide material: mesh PVC fabric, the quality supervision bureau test results show that this material is not irritating to the skin, non-toxic and completely harmless to children. This material is a professional inflatable cloth with good cold resistance and can reach minus 40 degrees; Good flame retardancy. Related accessories: distribute corresponding fans, glue and repair materials. Service life: it can be used for about eight to 100,000 person-times. After-sales service: glue and corner materials for maintenance will be provided free of charge within three years. Our after-sales service personnel will solve difficult problems for you in time. After receiving customer information, if the customer is given a handling opinion or technical guidance immediately and cannot be handled immediately, the customer will be contacted within 24 hours and handling opinions will be put forward according to the actual situation. Delivery time: according to the size of the product specifications, our general delivery time is 5- 7 days, we will deliver the goods to the customers as soon as possible on the premise of ensuring the quality of the products.
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