Cold weather is coming, how can amusement equipment resist cold weather, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-08
After entering the autumn, cold weather has occurred in most parts of China. The so-called cold wave is that the weather is cold and humid, which is commonly known as wet and cold weather. People don't like such weather, and it is also true for amusement equipment. Under such weather conditions, it is very unfavorable for them to work and preserve, this article will tell you a few tips to keep and operate your amusement equipment in such weather. The most affected amusement equipment in cold weather is those outdoor amusement equipment, so the development direction of amusement equipment is now moving towards indoor development. This reduces the negative impact of natural weather on amusement equipment, so bosses who want to engage in the amusement equipment industry in the future must pay attention to building amusement parks indoors. In this way, the park can be turned on normally under any weather conditions to ensure the normal operation of the park. Cold weather has a great impact on amusement equipment that is not frequently used, so the unused equipment should be properly preserved and sorted out in time. The preservation methods for different types of amusement equipment are different. For inflatable equipment, the air should be drained and the surface of the equipment should be cleaned to avoid accumulated water in the equipment. For mechanical: it is necessary to paint the equipment and cover the greenhouse for preservation.
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