Color selection of children's amusement equipment- Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-23
Color occupies a large proportion in the design of children's amusement equipment industry. Many investors of children's naughty Castle Park will choose the color matching of naughty Castle Park according to their own preferences, but it is actually a misunderstanding. Colorful colors make our world beautiful and rich. Although children do not fully understand the composition of color, color enriches children's life all the time in life. At the same time, it affects children's senses. Colors produce different feelings through children's vision, giving them certain spiritual roles. Inappropriate colors are as annoying as noise. Therefore, the design and color selection of children's naughty Castle paradise are very important. At present, many investors choose relatively uniform colors in order to attract their children's parents, but colorful and bright colors in children's eyes can better catch children's eyes. Color is an important part of the design of children's naughty Castle Park. Color can attract children's attention and convey children's happy mood; In children's emotion and vision, color occupies a large proportion in the humanized design of children's naughty Castle. The color of children's naughty Castle Park should be gorgeous first, so as to attract children's attention and make children like these equipment better. For example, ocean balls have various bright colors, therefore, children like the ocean ball pool and slide, and slide directly into the ocean ball pool from the slide, bringing excitement to children.
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