Congratulations to the boss of Sichuan Ziyang, who is pleased to mention two new Haima Beibei bumper cars, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-08
11. On the 15th, the boss of Sichuan Ziyang brought two seahorse Beibei bumper cars in the logistics company. He said that this year's Chinese New Year is early, and it is still necessary to prepare the bumper cars that make money in the new year in advance, in order to avoid the follow-up closer to the year, the more expensive the logistics costs, the longer the logistics time, the delay in this new year's Golden money-making week, will make less money. Let us praise the boss. Parameter configuration of hippocampus Beibei: Size: 158*80*145 Weight: 150 load: 350 motor: W gear brushless motor controller: generation intelligent controller brake: Electronic Brake, start: no delay, soft start, battery: 32A * 2 (Chaowei) Shell: Engineering Integrated forming luminous shell, colored lights: colorful lights of the whole car color: red, yellow, blue and green seahorse Beibei bumper car with parent-child seats looks like a seahorse, with vivid image and cool lights, and the shell is rotational plastic, anti-collision and wear-resistant, more family, 4 45A Super battery, battery life is 6- 8 hours, appearance size: 158x 80x 145, indoor and outdoor Electric children's play equipment, suitable for shopping malls, playgrounds, plazas, parks, leisure tourism resorts.
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