Daily inspection items for bumper cars, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-08
Among the vast amusement projects, bumper cars are the most popular amusement equipment. It is estimated that the boss's biggest headache is how to maintain them, during the running process of the double bumper car, some routine items are checked regularly and every day to avoid reducing the occurrence of faults during the driving process. The general inspection contents are as follows: 1. Check whether the parts of the car are connected properly, there are no other abnormal phenomena to avoid accidents caused by loosening, falling off and breaking. 2. Check whether the power is sufficient. If the bumper car is low, please charge or replace the battery first. 3. Check whether the rebound of the brake pedal is sensitive and whether it is stuck. 4. Check whether the steering system is too tight or too loose, and whether the shaking gap is too large. 5. Regularly check the wear degree of the wheels and see if there is any serious problem of unilateral wheel wear. 6, lighting, instrument display and other electrical equipment functions are normal 7, front and rear wheel off the ground check whether the operation is normal, there is no abnormal sound. 8, monthly or after heavy rain to check the vehicle rotation, whether due to humid air water and lubrication. As long as the above-mentioned daily inspection items for double bumper cars are well done, your bumper car will definitely last longer.
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