Design Strategy of naughty Castle equipment- Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-20
The traditional children's amusement facilities system is no longer suitable for the development needs of contemporary children. Starting from the concept of Experience Design, through the analysis of various elements of Experience Design for indoor children's amusement equipment, the effective integration of object resources, psychological satisfaction in the process of experience, support of services and the construction of environment can improve the quality of experience. How to run a children's amusement park? After understanding children's psychological characteristics and needs, investors need to design and plan the equipment of the children's paradise according to its characteristics and needs, so as to improve their sense of experience and ensure how to enhance customer stickiness. 1. The safety of safety facilities is the foundation of the design of children's amusement facilities. Its safety is not only manifested in the standardization of the facilities themselves, but also in the level of children's intuitive feeling of products. Only the equipment environment is safe, children can devote themselves to play and improve the experience of the equipment. 2. Story foil telling and listening to stories are the basic abilities of human beings, and are very attractive to children. Through the introduction of stories, the environment can be created to promote and publicize products, making the situation of children's playground equipment more dramatic, thus improving the experience process. 3. Strong synaesthesia stimulation combines visual, tactile and auditory sensory experiences. It is a child's nature to like the sound of knocking objects. Through the injection of audition information, children can be brought into a more specific situation to experience the game itself, with visual conflicts and attraction, thus enhancing the attraction of the game to children, form a good interactive experience. 4. People-oriented emotional experience design should follow the people-oriented principle, fully consider children's sensory experience, pay attention to the emotional input of design, and enhance the emotional factors of interest, challenge and aesthetics, leave space for children to imagine, thus creating interaction and resonance. How to choose a big naughty Castle?
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