Do you know how many fans each size Castle is equipped with? Industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-03
How much is children's inflatable trampoline? If you can ask this question, congratulations, you will live a more natural and unrestrained life than normal working people. A a pay a share in the rewards a investment a INCOME First Perlin want to tell everyone if you expect a products a year can you bring a few 100,000 even on millions of income so, please tell me if there is such a good thing. The 100 employees in our factory don't have to go to work. Make a Castle every day to make a lot of money. After saying some ugly things, let's get to the point. First of all, let's popularize how many children can be in the castle. In our castle, it is basically two square meters standing alone. What, too little and too wasteful? You know, this is just theoretical data. There are many sizes in the middle of the castle for play. Therefore, for the small 20-square duckling inflatable castle, there are basically more than ten children, and how much is this income. First of all, if you are in a county town or a first-and second-tier city, if you put it in a community, we will not say about the square. It is also a waste of your 20 square meters, for details, you can go to the square and have a look. In the community, four hours a day from six o'clock P. M. to, a wave of more than ten children calculate, then four hours to easily go to three waves, yes, 30 children should be no problem. ( The specific situation depends on the situation of the community. According to the feedback from our customers, 30 children in the general community are no problem)A child collects 3- 5 yuan to calculate, that night's income is 90-150 yuan, which is 2700-RMB 4500. There is also no reduction in electricity charges. Our fan is distributed with a 750w outlet fan, which is basically four hours and two and a half degrees of electricity. That is, a few dollars. A 20-square castle is only more than 2000 yuan but less than 3000 yuan, and the cost of one-month business can be completely recovered if it is not good. Imagine how much do you earn a month? How much do you spend on work? How much money can I get at the end of the month? You can understand this account by yourself. Therefore, it also confirms the sentence at the beginning of the article that you will live a more natural and unrestrained life than normal working people. Why do you only take a few hours a day, and you are leisurely and comfortable?
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