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by:SKP     2020-03-14
How to arrange the safety of lifeguards many people think that drowning people will show obvious pain in the water, such as shouting or waving their arms, but the fact is just the opposite, when drowning, people will try their best to press their arms down to get their heads out of the water to breathe. Therefore, people are more likely to drown in a quiet and less attractive way. According to US observational studies, adults are in flat water (Non-surfing) If you find yourself unable to be in a normal and useful state, you will generally struggle for 60 seconds, while for babies and very young children, it will be 20 seconds. Because drowning can occur calmly, it is not surprising that lifeguards cannot find drowning people in time. The immediate incident occurred in 20 feet (6 m)Far away. Therefore, the number of lifeguards must be sufficient and cannot be assigned other tasks, so as not to distract the attention of the work. The work of lifeguards is not just to save the drowning people. First of all, lifeguards must pass the necessary training and certification (Certificate) As health and safety standards change, lifeguards also need to continuously update necessary skills. Second, athletes are lifeguards, lifeguards need to master first aid, CPR and skilled use of AED and other first aid equipment to ensure that the wounded remain stable before the arrival of medical staff. In addition, lifeguards also play a role in monitoring (Including people and equipment)Education (Individuals and children swimming and dangerous action warning)The role of evacuation. 1. The company's products are produced by its own factory, quality assurance, pictures are the original picture, like the customer's fancy style can contact: sales Xiao Yang 18937803869 to see the goods, to ensure product details, product quality. Our factory has very strict requirements on product quality. Before each shipment, we must pass the inspection and debug various details to ensure that the products are correct before shipment. 2. Because the product is a large object freight, the difference between the locations is large. In order to avoid damage during transportation, the packaging is reinforced. The cost is based on the size of the goods and the transportation distance, if there is a need, you can pay in advance. The freight requirements are strict. Please sign for it in front of the logistics personnel to see if it is damaged. The objects are large. Please refuse to sign for it because the logistics company is damaged during transportation.
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