Do you make money by investing in inflatable castles? , Industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-22
Inflatable Castle investment small back to the fast inflatable toys small size, easy to carry, beautiful appearance, novel style, product play variety, fitness puzzle, widely applicable to a variety of outdoor venues, low investment, high return. If you need various shapes, design product drawings for you free of charge to make your products more competitive in the market. Professional production and professional analysis will make your products more market-oriented and the investment benefits more obvious. Inflatable castle is made of a new type of PVC environment-friendly material. The net in the material is a high-strength polyester warp knitted fabric and a high-quality PVC slurry, which is coated on both sides of the net by scraping. This kind of material is currently widely used in the world. Related accessories: distribute corresponding fans, glue and repair materials. Service life: it can be used for about eight to 100,000 person-times. After-sales service: glue and corner materials for maintenance will be provided free of charge within three years. Our after-sales service personnel will solve difficult problems for you in time. After receiving customer information, if the customer is given a handling opinion or technical guidance immediately and cannot be handled immediately, the customer will be contacted within 24 hours and handling opinions will be put forward according to the actual situation.
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