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by:SKP     2020-03-05
To operate bumper cars in the square, you need to choose high-quality bumper cars to be safe and secure. This is because there are some older children playing roller skating or playing other games on the square, however, there is no guarantee for the technology of children's drivers to bumper cars. It is inevitable that there will be opportunities to collide with other children. If the lights fall off at this time, if you touch it and fall off, or if you crash any part, it will cause certain economic losses to investors. And if the safety measures are not good, it will be even worse if the child is broken. Therefore, when investors choose to buy bumper cars, they must choose high-quality and professional bumper car manufacturers.     In fact, running bumper cars on the square is a good money-making project, but investors must learn market research and master the above points that need attention so as to ensure the success of investment. Do you make money by placing several bumper cars in the park? The traffic volume determines the yield of bumper cars. Now the parks are basically open to the public free of charge. Unlike in the past, there were also many novice investors, their understanding of bumper cars is not very deep, so how should we choose high quality at this time? , Go to the park to play, but also charge, some people will feel reluctant, even if they have been there once or twice, they will not go again next time, but in recent years the national policy of opening the park vigorously, many parks can be opened to the public free of charge, without charge, and can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the park and breathe fresh air, which is a place many people often visit. Guangzhou SKP company amusement equipment bumper car factory is to buckle the glass fiber reinforced plastic shell and the chassis steel frame seat, and the outside of the steel frame is tightly connected with the shock-absorbing rubber ring and the bottom of the Shell/the chassis steel frame by screws, make the load-bearing of the car body and the external impact force act indirectly with the chassis steel frame, so as to ensure the stimulation of passengers and protect the stress limit of the shell to the greatest extent at the same time. The equipment has two 20-amp Chaowei batteries, a 24-volt 250W brushless motor and a 3-generation intelligent controller. The controller supports TF card insertion and has MP3 format music playing function, which can create an entertainment environment with personal characteristics. Controller each game time 1 ~ Adjustable in 10 minutes, the counter can reach 9999 times, and the counter cannot be returned to zero. Under the condition that the mechanical electromagnetic counter is damaged or destroyed, the contradiction between amusement equipment investors and small shops is effectively avoided, guarantee the interests of investors.
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