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by:SKP     2020-02-03
In recent days, some customers have hesitated when consulting amusement equipment. They seem to have more concerns. After asking, they explain the reason. 'I think the business in the park is very good and I want to try it, but listening to others said that buying will regret it '. It is quite normal to have entanglement and hesitation. I usually buy a pair of clothes to buy a pair of shoes. I have to consider whether it is suitable for myself. Don't say that I buy an inflatable castle to do business. I can't think too much,, when I bought it, I regretted it. Where did I start? In the business field, there has always been a profit and a loss. In the same business, some people can run a lively business, and some people may even have a little difficulty in recovering the cost. Although there are two kinds of business situations, there is only one kind of voice that can be heard, that is, 'Business is not good, not making money. ' Why is this? In fact, the reason is very simple. Imagine if you make money from this business, will you say it everywhere? Propaganda everywhere will only attract more competitors for themselves. The so-called 'making a big fortune' is like this. On the other hand, the voices of 'don't buy, buy and regret', what we have to do is not to affirm, nor to deny, instead, we should think about what causes 'regret. As far as inflatable castles are concerned, one of the reasons is that they did not choose the right equipment. Nowadays, there are many styles of recreational vehicles on the market, and the shapes are also varied. There are not a few customers who choose styles. Guangzhou SKP company suggests that when you don't know how to choose, you may as well think from the perspective of children. Don't forget that the consumer group of recreational vehicles is children. We adults may feel similar when looking at these shapes, but children don't think so. Which cartoon characters and which animation shapes are popular at present, they are very clear. Parameter configuration of hippocampus Beibei: Size: 158*80*145 Weight: 150 load: 350 motor: W gear brushless motor controller: generation intelligent controller brake: Electronic Brake, start: no delay, soft start, battery: 32A * 2 (Chaowei) Shell: Engineering Integrated forming luminous shell, colored lights: full car colorful light color: red, yellow, blue and green Red Wolf http://www . haibeiyoule. com/2019/xkylc_0925/998. HTML
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