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by:SKP     2020-02-27
  Establish a complete set of strict maintenance system for the expansion equipment of children's amusement facilities. Each equipment should be protected by one or two personnel, and everyone should operate and check each link according to the safety procedures, and sign the names of relevant personnel to implement the specific person in charge, and in a practical way. . In particular, the development equipment for high-altitude children must be checked before each use. Joints should be checked regularly every month ( Protect the end of the wire rope and the stayed cables at both ends of the wire rope, all screw joints), The problem should be replaced in time; A sound regular inspection and registration system is needed to ensure the safe use of children's amusement facilities.     Pay attention to cleaning equipment. Contaminated equipment should be cleaned up in time. For example, training belts, ropes, helmets and steel wires should be cleaned in time for future use. Similarly, you need to keep some necessary equipment, including lubricants and substitutes for some equipment. For special equipment with high difficulty, it is necessary to invite professionals and children's amusement facilities developers to send professional technicians for maintenance.     1. Minimize the impact of harmful factors  (1) Through the external channels and gaps of equipment components, various types of corrosion entering the equipment can be reduced, such as rainwater, chemicals in the air, etc.     (2) Safety clothing, Rainbow rope net and other equipment are flammable and fireworks are prohibited.     2. Eliminate the impact of man-made damage  (1) When using power rope, static rope and auxiliary rope, some people will step on the rope. If the rope is pressed, these prismatic hard objects or sand will enter the rope. After the rope is pressed, the interior will be worn and will lead to safety.     (2) During the operation, the locking device should be gently operated to avoid collision and throwing, because the locking device will change the impact force inside.     (3)The helmet should be gently operated to avoid collision and damage.     3. Children's amusement facilities exceed storage rules  (1) The equipment shall be clearly deducted, the name, quantity, time, return and name of the person in charge.     (2) When returning the equipment, check whether the quantity is accurate. Regularly replace damaged and unsafe children's amusement facilities.
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