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by:SKP     2020-02-08
SKP company's amusement equipment is fast in eyes. This equipment is positioned in two aspects: 1. Warm-up equipment, I . e. drainage equipment and attractive game equipment, such as the opening of your shopping mall and supermarket, the animation city opened, and all walks of life opened for drainage and Activities. The traditional lottery equipment has been unable to attract consumers. In the new era, consumers like to experience games, everyone hopes to gain pleasure and excitement through their own experience or challenge, so that the stick machine with quick eyes and hands can just meet the needs of consumers. 2, hand speed limit grab stick machine can also be used as a small investment project, such as the night market, set up stalls for profit, such as 10 yuan once, 20 yuan 3 times, the challenger successfully caught 10 sticks to get the corresponding rewards, caught 9 sticks to get the corresponding rewards, caught 8 sticks to get the corresponding rewards, and so on, why is the eye-catching stick machine suitable for stalls? The equipment is portable, an electric car can be pulled, battery-type power supply, no need for external power supply, even portable can go to the stall, the market is big, return to the fast!
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