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by:SKP     2020-02-20
As long as there is enough space, setting up an inflatable castle is definitely a profitable business. The inflatable castle is 144 m² long and wide, with a total area of square meters. The price is only 2. 50 thousand yuan, can accommodate 50 children at the same time, can receive at least 100 children every day, according to the charge of 20 yuan per child, the daily net income is about 2000 yuan, it doesn't take half a month to recover the cost. These inflatable castles are made by sewing machines. Not only are we a large manufacturer, but some small workshops are also producing, the price can be 1/3 or even half cheaper, but the quality can not be guaranteed. Windproof holes are reserved on the inflatable castles. Users can use ropes to pass through the windproof holes, and then use iron or sandbags to fix them on the ground to do business. For example, the cost of such a business is not particularly large, but it is a good business with a lot of profits. This is the children's inflatable castle. All you need to do is rent a piece of space and wait for customers to come to your door. However, many people do not know how to do a better job even when doing this business, sometimes, the door is like a bird, no one. In fact, as long as you learn to do a few points of the children's inflatable castle, you can make a profit. Good publicity is very important  First of all, if you want to do this business well, you must do a good job of publicity, because now is an information society. If there is no publicity, people will not know how fun your inflatable castle is. On the one hand, everyone can distribute some leaflets to places where children gather more often, such as the entrance to the playground at the school gate. On the other hand, at the entrance of their children's inflatable castle, it is best to find a few cartoon characters to attract people. With the attraction of these cartoon characters, I believe that many children will soon gather, so that the business can be better and better. Choosing the right shape is the key  There are many kinds of children's inflatable castles. When you first start to buy, you can choose the more popular cartoons. Some characters in the game, for example, the bears are now more popular, you can choose an inflatable castle like Xiong Da and Xiong Er to attract children's attention. In addition, it is best to choose the inflatable castle that looks more fun for children. It is best to have some suitable for children to play with. The usual toys are on it, it can be said that choosing modeling is the most important key point for doing this business well. When adults take their children to play, the most important thing is safety. In addition to the above two aspects, they must do a good job in the surrounding safety protection, such as adding a few more safety barriers around the inflatable castle, at the same time, pay more attention to a few people around the children's inflatable castle, let them always pay attention to the safety of children. I believe that as long as you do a good job of safety protection, you will be able to attract more parents and bring your little baby to play.     Therefore, sometimes, when you see some people doing this business, so hot, you may wish to look back and think carefully, why can they be so successful in doing this business? It must be that the above several details have been successfully done to attract more people to come and play, so that their business can be better and better.
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