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by:SKP     2020-02-15
The amusement factory of SKP company suggests that the safe use of amusement equipment is the observance of our service. We hereby provide safety rules to the vast number of new and old customers. 1. Pay attention to driving safety v please do not drive on uneven roads, pools or slopes. V four-year-old children need to be accompanied by adults. V do not make a sharp turn. V don't step back immediately while driving forward. V do not collide with each other. V children should use medium or slow gear when driving alone. Second, inflatable battery car charging precautions v please keep ventilated when charging, the charger should not be piled together. V when charging with the charging connector, please confirm the positive and negative poles of the battery. The reverse insertion will cause the charger to burn out. Third, set the precautions v do not turn the volume to the maximum. V please turn off the power supply when inserting or pulling out the SD card, otherwise the SD card will burn out and the control box will burn out. Four, inflatable battery car coat often pay attention to cleaning methods can be divided into several categories: Hand washing: prepare washbasin water, pour cleaning agent and stir until completely dissolved, put the fluffy toy into the hand to squeeze the cleaning agent, then pour the sewage and rinse the plush toy with water. Wrap the fluffy toy with a clean dry cloth for a few minutes to absorb some of the water, it is also a good way to dry it or let it sunbathe. Washing: before putting it directly into the washing machine, you need to put the plush toy into the laundry bag. According to the general cleaning procedure, the cold washing is better than the washing powder, and it does not hurt the wool, it is also good to use a general double-effect shampoo. After washing, wrap it with a dry towel and then dehydrate it to avoid damaging the surface. Wipe: use soft sponge or clean dry cloth, wipe the surface with diluted neutral cleaning agent, and then wipe it again with clean water. Dry cleaning: you can directly pick up dry cleaners for dry cleaning, or go to the plush doll store to buy a dry cleaning agent for cleaning plush dolls. First, spray the dry cleaning agent on the surface of the plush toy, after two or three minutes, wipe it with a dry cloth. Guangzhou SKP company Amusement Equipment Co. , Ltd. New products will be listed soon. Welcome new and old customers to come to our company for consultation and purchase.
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