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by:SKP     2020-01-31
Flow operation: Team 0 puts the ball on Team 1's dribble rack, Team 1 quickly travels to the 15 m line and passes the ball to team 2's dribble rack, player 2 is passed to player 3 in the same way, and so on until Player 4 transports the ball into the point basket. A total of * balls are stopped at the time when the last ball falls into the basket, and those with less time are ranked first. Leggings run: each team member, the No. 0 team member is the auxiliary team member, and the No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 team members are dribbling players. After the referee issued the order, the No. 1 player jumped to the B point and handed the ball to the B point 2 player and returned to the starting point to take the ball; Player 2 holds the ball and jumps to point C, hands the ball to player 3 at point C and returns to point B to catch the ball; The No. 3 player jumps to the finish line with the ball, puts the ball into the basket and returns to Point C to catch the ball. The race is 60 m, and the last ball falls into the basket as the timing stop. The less time is used: 1st players returned to the starting point after passing through the 'inflatable hurdle, drill net and fish jump Dragon Gate' link (No need to pass the equipment on the way back) And 2nd players high-five after 2nd players from starting point to the same style forward to finally 1 players body any parts touch starting point line the of vertical plane for timing end, those who use less time rank before (The race is 200). Happy bumper ball: the participating players wear the Bumper Ball and stand behind the two starting lines in the specified venue. After the referee issued the order, the two players collided with each other in the designated area, causing the opponent's equipment to touch the edge protection ring or fall to the opponent to win a game, two wins in three games, and the winning player accumulates 1 point for the team, the team that scored 2 points first won. Fun Games is a new sport that combines the competitive competitions of traditional sports with interesting activities that can arouse people's interest. It is a social activity between sports and fun games, which integrates fun, competition, entertainment, fitness and so on, at the same time, it combines sports, culture, interest, intelligence and other elements, and is highly ornamental and participatory. The fun games of the Enterprise free the members from the daily heavy work, let the members completely abandon the pressure in the work, let the happiness no longer be suppressed, and strengthen the confidence and quietly unite the strength. The enterprise fun Sports Meeting takes into account both fun and teamwork, that is, a new fun training activity that integrates competition, entertainment, fitness, etc. , to stimulate the spirit of teamwork, courage to fight, and eternal struggle, play happily and gain from joy.
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