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by:SKP     2020-01-31
When purchasing inflatable toys, customers must consider whether the product has strong market competitiveness. Only strong market competitive inflatable slide products can make money! Fun Games are a kind of collective activity that carries out physical exercise in play and plays in sports. Fun Games is a kind of sports game that focuses on fun, entertainment, cooperation, appreciation and universality. It allows men, women and children to participate in fitness activities in the form of collective participation in games. Fun Sports can strengthen the communication between leaders and employees, promote the cooperation between employees, enhance mutual feelings, cultivate the spirit of unity and cooperation, and enhance collective cohesion, improve productivity and accelerate the development of corporate culture. This is a new type of outdoor activity and a new inflatable project. Inflatable Caterpillar: 3m long, 50cm in diameter (Or 10 m)Dynamic five rings: diameter 2 m, length 2. 2m happy Bigfoot: 60cm long down-to-earth: 30cm long, 5 pairs/set, feeling stones and crossing the river: 3/set, walking together: 1 long. 8 m, width 15cm (Iron or wood)Running Qiankun: diameter 2m (Or 5 m)Hundreds of Hundred: long 2. 8 m, width 1. 5m in the same boat: long 1. 7 m, 40cm wide happy pencil: 2 long. 8 m, diameter 60cm stars holding Moon: diameter 1. 5m (Or 1. 2 m)Super sumo suit: 1. 5 m-2m land dragon boat length: 7m (Or 5 m)The flow line is 1m long and 15cm wide.
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