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by:SKP     2020-01-30
Project Characteristics 1. the project is innovative and refreshing: through a variety of special and novel equipment, the participating groups will feel fresh, bringing more enjoyment to the visual and interesting games, and also making the participants in the project more committed; 2. novel and fun: sports are simple and interesting, exciting and fun. Through the explanation and simple demonstration of the project concept, you can understand the rules of the project game and how to participate. Most of the projects are combined with the game form, which is extremely interesting. 3. Strong participation: Compared with traditional sports games, interesting sports games show more special participation of groups. Dozens or even thousands of people can participate in an interesting sports. Breaking away from the shortcomings of traditional sports games can only be 'multi-person viewing, less participation. 4. Low threshold for participation: it makes up for the lack of strength and speed in traditional sports meetings. Interesting sports have low requirements for physical fitness, and both young and old, men and women participate in the experience. 5. The atmosphere is active: because the area of the interesting sports is not high, it only needs a small area to carry out, the distance between the audience and the contestants is very close, and the scene is like a piece. The atmosphere of the opening, competition, and awards is particularly active and lively. 6. Strong controllability: because there are excellent referee groups, detailed project rules, and a non-trivial and interlocking project score statistics rule, the activity can be carried out smoothly. 7. There are many projects, unlike similar and traditional projects, which are updated and created every day, which can fully extend interests and achieve the goals of physical exercise and unity and cooperation.
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