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by:SKP     2020-02-10
1. Dozens of senior officials traveled by plane. One of the governors said: I lost a 100-yuan note, and whoever found it would be happy. A mayor said: it is better to lose 10 10 yuan, 10 people will be happy. Another district chief said: simply throw 100 one-dollar coins and 100 people will be happy to find 100. After listening to the pilot, he said, 'Why don't I throw you all down and make the people of the whole country happy. . . 2. On the bus, I heard a boy say to a girl next to me: 'Who said that I can't predict the future, at least I can know the surname of my child in the future, but you are different, your child's surname is still unknown! 'The girl replied loudly without thinking:' Hum, that is! However, my child must be my child, your child may not be 3, a village meeting to discuss the reform of funeral and funeral to save land resources, the villagers express their opinions. A said: I suggest! No coffins are needed, saving money and land. B said: I think buried vertically can save more places. C knocked on the smoking gun and said slowly, 'I see, only half of it is buried vertically, and even the tombstone is saved. You will know who is dead at a Glance! 4. In the subway, a man felt that the pickpocket was picking out his wallet and said humorously, 'Dude, you're late! Although I received my salary today, my wife's hands are much faster than yours! 5. Three Men Go to the woman to propose relatives. Parents: talk about their own situation. A: I have 10 million; B: I have a mansion; The woman's parents were very satisfied and asked C, what do you have? C: I have nothing but one child. Now the child is in your daughter's belly. A, B speechless, left. This case illustrates a truth: the core competitiveness is not money and house, but to have one's own people in key positions. Related links: inflatable battery car cover children's inflatable battery car robot pedal inflatable trampoline slide
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